About Us
Hello, and welcome to Budding Ventures!

My name is James Stang and I have owned my own business for just over a year. After 10 years of working with the federal government, I developed the urge to become an entrepreneur. I didn’t have much support because I really didn’t know anyone who had started a business.

Nevertheless, I got bit by the bug one day while writing a speech for a U.S. official heading to Tunisia for an entrepreneurs conference. The speech was a testament to the go-getter spirit of young Tunisian entrepreneurs and was a pledge by the U.S. government to provide them with access to business services, mentoring, and seed capital to put their ideas and energies in motion. As I studied some of the successes, I knew then that even though I didn’t personally know these young businesspeople, I wanted to be more like them.

I began reading books and magazines related to business. While I found these books and magazines helpful, looking back on my early “start up” days, I began to realize that there was a lack of one-stop-shop of information for some of the administrative and operational tasks that are very important to running a successful business. Through my experience working with other small business owners and entrepreneurs, I have seen just how many uninformed entrepreneurs still exist out there. Time and time again, I see people struggle with the initial steps of starting a business.

My passion is closing that gap by providing entrepreneurs with the same opportunities the U.S. government provided those Tunisian go-getters: professional business services, startup mentoring, and access to seed capital. I make the start up process easy! From developing a business plan to executing a marketing strategy, I will help you navigate the myriad bureaucratic processes and develop action plans that will put you on the path to success.
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